Cute Buttons

If you realize, it has been a few days, there are cute colorful buttons on bottom most of my left side bar. Which look like these.


They are Active links…I made them customly using BlogFlux Button maker

Button Creator for free - make 80x15 and 88x31 in seconds

Basicly the coding looks like this…

<a href=”http://link.adress/”><img src=”http://button.image.address.gif&#8221; alt=”Name” style=”width:80px;height:15px;border:none;”></a>

I simply put the codes into the widget text. I actually just discovered this…before this I can’t even make the text in the widget text center or justify or bold…huhu HTML dumb.

Hope this may help you…Sorry… this is just a filler post before something grand come, short and simple just to make sure I post everyday.

(Note: I am still searching for idea how would I post the next 10 photos…any idea please…right now I am in the process of making a vector art tutorial as requested by Laura of Shoegasm…wait ah)


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