Description of the Past

Every photo tells its own story. What did we think at that time? Sometimes its funny sometimes its just plain memory. Every photo brings back the moment that have long lost in time. Special events recorded in eternity in pictures. To see all of them back again touches the distance part of our heart that we were once young, happy, and frolic.

Here I will post another 10 photos and to my best ability to describe as detail as possible each picture. I might forget the names but the least I can do is to describe the feelings.However The picture are not in chronological order. Above from left Monica, Danny, Lydia, Me, Joseph.

Above: This was during our graduation day in MRSM. If I’m not mistaken I got 3.52. From Left Me, Joyce, Angel, Ben, Roe, Les, Ryan. It was somewhat a great day because everybody were very happy. We took so many picture. There were no digital camera so “so many” means not really many these days. Look at the faces…however we still have SPM to struggle for after the Graduation…

Above: From left Lody, me, Les,Les’ sister Clare. This was long after we have finish school. I was already in UTM. Just visiting kuching and went to Les’ house. I can’t remember much what happen. I guess it was the first time for me to meet my old MRSM friends again.

Above: This picture was taken during one of our weekly gathering of Christian students. This was somewhat a special events because we usually don’t take camera during gathering. This was suppose to be the last gathering involving all forms. They were really lots of students came. I really miss those time. We were singing “uncontrollably”. Gathering was time when we let go what we hold during the week. From left: Lia, Angel, Les, Joyce, Nana(maybe), Roe.

Above: This was one of a kind activity that we did. A gathering of Form 5 Moral Studies (Pengetahuan Moral) students at Mdm. Saptuyah’s house. Who’s brilliant idea was that? I wonder. The funny thing was we kinda failed to make the fire. We tried to make the fire since it was still bright day. Then cheat code came. We used some kind of fire starter. It was rather rare for all the Moral Studies students to gather. Even during this gathering not all want to come. We were not many but still its hard to gather us. From left front Carlos, Rody, Oland. Back Left Danny, Emon, Lody, Lyndon, Me. Non visible behind Oland is I don’t know maybe Joseph.

Above: The pictures are actually scanned from my album, that’s why there’s overlapping as above. This picture was taken during cooking. Maybe after the cooking almost finish. Not much thing to do left. Just waiting for final touches. Danny, Andrew, Angel, Lia, Nana, Joyce, Roe. Look at their faces. They were soooo happy.

Above: An almost candid picture (if there such a thing). Everybody look so sudden. Taken during cooking. Corie, Sharon, Ted, Danny, Angel. I suddenly came to the kitchen and took this picture.

Above: Front Me, Cikgu Saptuyah, Joyce. Back Joseph and Lody. Now the eating activity already finish. Everybody have done the cleaning. Resting and chatting among ourself. How I miss those time. We were really like one big family. I still remember I eat 3 times or rounds which I guess the most in my lifetime. Guess who’s cooking? The rightmost girl in the picture.(Jangan bangga sangat Joyce…bukan ko sorang yang masak)

Above: SPM was coming near. So For the non SPM students its already end of the semester. This was the last day for non SPM. The place was called Dataran Hasanah. Here we always study together as a family I mean like a family. We eat play and study together here. It was a mix of junior and senior. I like to study here because it was soo noisy at our own class… among the family members…from left Danny, Joseph, Lody, Monica(a junior), Lyndon, Joyce.

The Departure of Flora…one of my favorite junior. She was a creative girl. She suddenly can be a talkative. Most of the time she was like silent. Never seen her ever, after this picture was taken. During this picture was taken, she don’t want to get out of the Van. So I just took the picture from outside. Too sad huh? You were cute…

Above: If any of you who related to this picture…do you still remember during SPM when we want to go dinner outside? It was when we walk so far just to eat Satay. I forgot what was the name of the place. But either the battery flat or the film finish, I don’t have the picture during dinner and afterward. Or am I mistaken…maybe this was the journey back. What I am sure, it was truly fun. Above From Left front Danny, Lyndon, Joseph, Rody. Back Me, Jesper,Lodi, Walter.

It happen to be I remembered all the names…Tahniah…So, only 10 picture left for posting. Keep posted till then.

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Please don’t forget to share this with people in the picture if you happen to know any of them…I mean plizzzz…


17 responses to “Description of the Past

  • MissiRina

    nice pictures! I personally like the first picture. all of you looks so happy & contented. =)

  • Patt Irmina

    2nd photo,.RYAN JR was from MRSM?? never knew that. hehe.

  • Bengbeng

    u have so many friends…that is a treasure

  • Aisyah

    wow. you school days were so full of life. sigh… now you made me miss those sweet school days.heheh.

  • elvinado

    MR ~ I was the happiest time of my life
    PI ~ Mmmm yes oh Jr ka nama nya…sik pernah tauk
    Bengbeng ~ treasure indeed
    Aishah ~ Haha deliberately make everybody reminiscing the sweet past. Its a good thing right…?

  • roe touching.i really miss those moments cause i couldnt find great friends and family like you people……but…………..i look sooooooooooo gemuk and chubby la. :p

  • elvinado

    Roe ~ hup hup “gemuk and chubby” huhu

  • lestermichael

    Clare and I were good friends. she did once tell me that she calls her sis LES, I was like ‘okay’…but that’s not the case…Clare’s very good at writing..she’s my competitive rival in writing….ha ha ha..she’s doing tesl now…I hope she’s gonna be successful in her future undertaking…are they your cousins btw?

  • elvinado

    Lester ~ we r not. Not related at all. Just friends.

  • dan

    lol… it was fun during our mrsm time.. i dont know n dont care bout how the students now.. all the pictures… 😦 very sad

  • dan

    wei… if sapa2 ada contact andrew, plz tell us.. andrew totally lose contact now..

  • elvinado

    Dan ~ Sik tauk la Danny. Last sekalik aku dengar nya kat Normah…bukan sakit tapi course….attendant kot…

  • kan

    gambar aku yang ensem sik da ka…haha

  • mayll

    miss u guys…

  • dan

    lol.. kan, ko post la gmbr ko yg hensem… kalai..

  • bongkersz

    lol… rambut belah tengah. hahahahahaa! gaya paling popular back then. muahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahhaha! ada gambar dari kolej bujang, alvin?

  • NuRuLL

    hya….im not sure if u still rmember me….anyway, im Nurul Huzaimah and we’ve been together under this little organization called the BWP…rmember?aha….its juz that im doing my practical training right now and these past few dayz the memory of mrsm life has been haunting me…in a good way, that is.So…i surfed the net and came upon your blog…how lucky of u to still possess those pictures…. i didnt take much pictures back then so all thats left for me is just the ‘bittersweet’ memories of me and my friends…why bittersweet, people may ask…but, as an ex student urself, you should know better.,..i mean, WE should know better, right? haha….ok…i thing thats it for now….gud luck in everything u do…daa..

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