of Love of Power of Betrayal

the promise of Love

the dawn of Power

the imminence of Betrayal

Is it a sin to live a happy life? Is it wrong to feel secure and ease? The silence and the tranquility are disturbing. It does not seems and feels right at all. Breeze shiver me in the coldness of the starry sky. When the night is so beautiful. In the fullmoon’s dim light.

The echo of sorrow isn’t erased yet. Memories of turbulence isn’t too far yet. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe I’m just too afraid to lose this happiness. To savor something so sweet when everything is covered by bitterness. Or…maybe I just should stay in vigilance.The wind and the rain and the cloud are always in constant movement, I won’t be able to forecast.

The uncertain is everything when the certain so small to nothing. In the smallest thing its worth cherishing. My brief time has proved it to me. Nothing should batter the appreciation.

In the past I have made the promise of Love, now I am living in the dawn of Power, and expecting the imminece of Betrayal.

Note: Regarding my consideration to rename my blog. I decided to make it true when my views statistic reach 5000. And I hope during that time I will have some budget to buy my own domain name and hosting. I also decide that it will not be just a renaming but a metamorphosis of Days Without Miracle into a better blog. I hope until then you will continue to support me in anyway you want and can. I expect the event will occur during the first year birth of DWM. It will be a great milestone for DWM and me. Thank you.


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