I Assembled A Computer

This is the fourth computer I have assembled. The first and the second went fine except the third that went burned. But I won’t make the same mistake over again. Today I am sent on a mission to assemble a computer with cost of RM1500 minus monitor and hardisk because the master already have them.

So in the afternoon we went for shopping. I made an almost precise estimation. We got all the hardware needed for RM1494. The detail? I’m not interested revealing because I am too lazy to go look for them now. Basically they’re Intel Core2Duo 2.2 Ghz, 1 Gb of RAM and a Nvidia GeForce 8600 if I’m not mistaken. And…a cool looking casing.

Long story short (because I wrote quite long yesterday), I just show the photo taken during assembly….

Just A teaser

More Pictures

The Processor

From one angle

Another Point of View

Silent Pipe…Cool heh.

I think I stop here. I’ve dried of idea. Thanks for reading. Keep commenting.

edit : I forgot to tell that this is my friends Computer. That’s why it’s a mission. Ok


2 responses to “I Assembled A Computer

  • LilyLulu

    sila jaga baik-baik computer baru anda ini …

  • alvin

    haha… which shop u always visit? in tmn u?

    see those pics, my hands start itchy again… but nowadays i dun spend money on pc. i enjoy troubleshooting very mch… but when come to old generation pc, it really sucks!

    share with u more if u r interested on pc things… hehe

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