Light Reading and Light Writing

Light Reading

Honestly, if someone ask me what is my diversion, I will earnestly say reading. My reading ranges from Politics to Literature to Horror Fiction to Advance Chemistry. Especially fictional novel, in some ways it pull me out of reality into my wild imagination. However some books I never finished reading even though they’re not so bad. Thus inspire me to imagine my own ending to fill the unread endings.

Lately I am quite baffled by the idea of Theory of Everything. It might turn into obsession. So I’ve been reading a lot about Relativity Theory, Quantum, Big bang, String Theory, and things that related to particle physics. On the other end I also watch an awful lot of documentaries and series that have something to do with those. Some of the latest light reading before sleep are Quantum Physics – A First Encounter and Quantum Physics – Illusion or Reality? Their topic might sound pretty staggering but actually they are written in such a way that lay people can discern. Plus they certainly help me to sleep faster. Still, some concept is unimaginably absurd but in the same time interesting. I don’t think I can finish both before the library’s times up. I might give the red one a better attention. Outside university I won’t dream to read those because both in total cost near RM200 which is quite crazy for books just less then 2cm thick worth of reading.

Above is a fraction of the whole picture which actually looks like…

The pink one is the book that I need to study. The red and the blue-white are those that I borrowed from Library. This is an intentional mess for picture taking. Most of the time the table looks just the same minus books, just laptop.

Light Writing

Besides reading I also apparently love writing particularly blogging. Since for quite sometime I’ve been trying my best to keep my writing as “positive” as possible. Almost always every post ended up as something negative which I don’t really like. I want to be a positive person who think positively and act like one. Maybe what my close friend told me once was true, the curse of Days Without Miracle. The blog name is negative per se.

So I am considering a new name, a much positive in meaning. I’ve thought of a name. The baptismal ceremony could be anytime. I would like to invite you of course. Maybe my blog was atheist all along.

Anybody? Have your say please. Mmm… I mean about renaming the Blog.


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