A Life Less Ordinary

(Dedicated to my dear senior, brother, mentor Cibol)

Am I low to post using other’s blog name…? Sorry.

I found out that he already have a new domain for his blog, cibolution.com .

2 Days ago he said that the officiation will be on 2222008 or February 22, 2008 which is on his birthday. I am looking forward towards it.

But today I’m not going to write about blog or internet but about a person. This person was once a legend among us.

When I was in Form 1 he was already in his final year. I was a nerd back then as nerdy as I am now. I care less about seniors and others. But this person was our President. YCS President. As a president I personally admired him because simply he was a president. Weird? Nope. Because usually a YCS president shows its quality at its greatest. In “asrama” life The YCS chief and YCS core group always been respected among us, particularly the Catholic students.

What so special about this person? He was able to control people…sometime he expressed his anger to show his authority. The most important was most of the time people listen to him. In other word we awe him. He also knew when to joke.

One of YCS Presidents general characteristic was they always know how to play guitar. I thought of the guitar as the symbol of power. He played guitar very well. I specially liked when they combined few guitars and play. The music ringing till this day. Moreover, they always find an apprentice to be their successor. How? They teach them guitar. Maybe unintentionally the guitar was the symbol of power. Exception during my group’s supremacy whereby the president totally lack of musical talent.

When he’s gone. We always reminisced upon his great reign. Lucky the reign after his was almost as great. To us the junior he was our legend. For me he still is. I went to other school and then went to UTM. Unexpectedly I saw him again in a quite familiar surrounding. Again he was a leader…a great one indeed. I still admire him as who he was and who he is. I just want to keep this beautiful perception upon him. If anything will taint the reputation I would try to resist.

If you want to know he does not actually have quite “A Life Less Ordinary”…he is the same person who wrote A Life Less Ordinary. He is Archibald Frankie fondly called Cibol. A living legend that live among us.

(Note : Cibol, is this too much? Actually I made up some. I don’t actually really remember how those day were. But I really admire you. Thanks for those days I become who I am now.)


2 responses to “A Life Less Ordinary

  • cibol

    Boy, that’s too much already. Great leader? Ha ha ha .. but thanks anyway. I’ll take that as a compliment anyway. 🙂 Cheers!

  • NoktahHitam

    ahaaa.. Will read up on him. Who knows, he could be admiring me. Hahaha. Just joking.

    Great post. I wish I had someone admiring me but that would make me well known and I hate publicity. Oh well..

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