What keep a blogger blog?

Hi my dear bloggers. I always have this negative notion that when I write something on my blog it’ll be only me alone who read it. Then what keep me blogging?

I reckon there are always 2 types of bloggers, those who just trying to write less seriously but ended up being a full fledged brilliant popular and loved bloggers and the other side are those who really want desperately to blog but ended leaving the blog “postless” for months and years.

I will tell my short experience as a relatively “new” blogger. I always tell people that I tried dozens of time blogging but failed. This blog alvinalexander.wordpress.com is the only blog that worked since I tried around as early as 3 or 4 years ago. I even tried host my own blog. But still the motivation was so weak that I always tempted to abandon my blog.

What’s so special about this “Days Without Miracle“? First the address is my Full Name. I don’t know… maybe this blog was like the 7th blog attemps I ever made. So…in other words I am the later among the 2 types of bloggers. For those who made it on the first attempt, it is indeed so lucky.

Blogging is not a solitary business. It is a social activity. As social as going to the party and what not. Even blog itself is called social software. From the idea of socialization I was inspired to write. But someone who in the real life is so anti-social how can ever be social in the internet. I started to assume I can sail (blog) alone in the vast ocean of internet. Guess what? Lonesome kills person. My blogs plunged into the unfathomable depth and I almost to the point of despair. But despair not I am. The new ship was at hand. I was at large again. How?

Supports from peer bloggers, Words of encouragement, Miscellaneous comments, Constant visits. They are the grease of the blog. For me the ideas come later because when I have the motivation to write, anything can be the flesh. By anything I mean range from what I randomly think to what ever my prime minister never do…anything. Interesting things can come out from someone so boring.

So, remember when you were also a new blogger. Do what ever you want other to do unto you. I hate to use the word “you” because it is as if I demand or ask you when I am no better than you.

As I said before, blogging is a social activity at least in a modern sense, so when we said somethings they really touches people, when we hurt others we really hurt them, when we love the other really feel the love. It is not just simply a bunch or flowery words but the very extension of our real life, the instrument of our physical body.(Again I hate to use “we” because as if I assume we are alike when we are not.)

I think my dear bloggers already know what I mean. It is simple. Globalization, internetilazation, new world order, virtual socialization are very real these days. They’re no more science fiction. I might not know what I am saying but…I know what I’m feeling.

For closing I would like to feature some blogs from my blogroll.

  1. lea emy’s spring Weblog ~ a newly made blog, she has a really interesting post there.
  2. Polka Dots ~ was my schoolmate and actively blogging everyday
  3. Treasure Every single Moment ~ again was my classmate which kinda slow in his blog progress
  4. Secret Window ~ I’m afraid this girl will abandon her Secret Window. Go and support her.
  5. My Rumble Mumble, -babyv- Online Journal, ::Artrageously Unique & Exotic::, TRiUmPhs & tRAgEdiEs oF my Life…, Live Life Cool ~ All the blogs that I found randomly

I’m sorry if I missed some of your blog here. Some of you are already well established.That’s all


3 responses to “What keep a blogger blog?

  • maika

    well.. for a newbie everybody has the same issue elvinado. at first, it’s hard to connect wih other people with your blog. U have to spread your wing and communicate with other people. but as time goes by, everybody is connected to your blog. trust me.. blogging is just as simple as that.. good luck on your blogging..

  • Patt

    alvin thanks!
    i posted my pictures alrdy, as u requested.=)

    as for me, i blog for fun. I don’t mind if there’s no one out thr reading my blog. For me, its just my way to express my feelings, to let go of my frustrations and to share my happiness.
    but then again, i really appreciate those who visited my blog. thanks to u too for always leaving a comment on mine. hehe..

    *cheers and happy blogging.

  • cibol

    I would like to say that I am the accidental blogger. I started blogging 4 years ago. That was when I broke up with my girlfriend. I vented all my anger and frustration inside the blog. I wrote every single day and hours if I have the time. As time goes by, I realized there are some people who reads my blog. Then I stop for a while. Only for that while. I created another blog on blogger and I continue from there. What keeps me writing? – People like you. Because I know there are people reading it. They might not be many, but there are. That keeps me going on.

    Never give up on it.

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