Our personal Life…Is it cheesy?

(Disclaimer : This is purely my opinion)

If you see, I have my new header again with the theme “The Epitome of Imagination”. Year 9273 is hence also purely imagination.

I have been involved in a little debate with my fellow “real life” friends about blogs. Heavy criticism was put upon blogs that wrote about personal life. One of the premise was no one like to read others life. They are boring and most of all sound cheesy. On my side I defended (although I don’t really always blog about myself) because I felt the obligation to make clear that that’s not always the case.

Is it cheesy to write about our personal life? I personally don’t prefer to write personal life because I hate the fact that people know me. I love being mysterious. So, instead of writing about life I write about what I think. However I myself every now and then wrote about special and significant events in my life.

The main question is who would want to read about a person who is less than special, ordinary, and boring? As I stated in my previous post, blog isn’t so much about what we wrote but actually the virtual community that formed from it make it so special. So the concept of “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you” comes in.

I love to take my friend Patt as an example, she said that she blog just for fun. She don’t really care whether anyone would read. But I am sure there are people out there reading hers besides me. In this case, who cares the blog will be readerful or readerless. To Blog is just to blog. Blogging is fun. Those who never blog never know what bloggers ever feel.

Another question, instead of writing about personal life it’s better to write about a topic like technology, chemistry or any specific topic. As for me, I have been trying so many times to blog for a specific topic such as faith, technology, cooking, chemistry…but guess what…I failed. Why? Because I don’t know what I am writing about. It was like putting lies into words and most of the time I couldn’t even put them into words. To know as in really know and understand what I am writing is so important for me. How can I convince others that what I tell is true when others can smell timidity in my phrases? To be wrong is second question but to be confidence is crucial.

So our personal life…is it cheesy? No absolutely not. The “uninterestingness” of someone’s life is decided by his or her self. No external person shall decide for us. God give us the unlimited possibility how to do things everyday so that our life will not be boring and mundane. One of the way is blogging itself. I hate to think that I assume others life boring when my own is no better. The only way to live is to cherish our own life and let other live what they have and embrace them if we could. By the way, our life is only once, To live is to die and to live is to love with all our heart.


9 responses to “Our personal Life…Is it cheesy?

  • eMiKo

    just have 1 ques to your ‘real life’ fren…
    why izit cheesy if we wrote bout our personal life?
    i think thats the use of blogs..
    we as the authors can write whatever we want to,after all its our blog..
    but then,yes some people dont like to craps like that..
    if dont like to read cheesy things,then..
    easy, just press the X button on the top right of the window..

    no offence,just my opinion…

  • Lynnwei

    hhmm….cheesy? kekeke…well, if u know the person well enough, then reading about their personal life and what’s been going on is not a boring thing…..
    it keeps u in touch with ur friends…etc

    for me..blogs are this new millennium’s diary! in the old days, u write in a diary/books….or anyhow….but now, blogs keeps the record of what is going on..etc..

    i remember, when i was younger…abt 10 years ago…i did think if it’ll be nice that we can write ‘diary’ online…all u need is to go online, write and publish….and looking back, i cant believe now it’s called – blogs!

  • elvinado

    eMiKo ~ Well said…
    Lynnwei ~ You were genius to predict that. I will be great if you were the creator of blogs. Few Years ago I predicted a computer that can do all TV radio. We have it all now…

  • cibol

    My blog is rather personal. I keep everything there. It doesn’t really matter what you write. As long as you write what comes from your heart and never ever fake yourself. Because for me I’m proud of what I wrote and I’m proud of the friends that I’ve managed to gather because of what I wrote. It’s a matter of “Who will touch you, who will you touch”. Eventhough life might be a little less than ordinary, it’s ok because it can’t rain all the time. There will be a day where it’ll be everything BUT ordinary. Cheesy ….

  • Lynnwei

    ahha…i couldnt possibly have the capacity to create blogs at that time….well, someone make my dreams come true and they are earning from that!


  • elvinado

    Cibol ~ Haha…if its raining all the time it will be a big flood…
    Lynn ~ We are suppose to earn from it as well…

  • nono

    your blog is your official personal place..
    you can let all things out loud!!! =)

    pedulikan mereka dan juga cheese mereka.. ehehe

  • Patt

    It’s my blog, and i write what i want.
    Anyone who doesn’t like what i wrote, don’t read my blog. Very easy.


  • MissiRina

    Hello alvin.

    Reading this post rings a bell to my once-present predicament. Maybe we’re not facing the same problems per se, but there are some similarities. I’m one of the people who always thinks of what other people said/will say about me. When I said something straight out of my mouth, I regret it, thinking, “what if…”. But, bit by bit, I learn to fortify myself. Build a barrier, and not thinking way too much about what others would say. And it felt great! Hehe..

    And, being a person who can see both ways is, in a way, a good thing. Everything that happens must happen for a reason, and there’s always two sides of a story.. Be able to see from other peoples’ perspective is a rare gift, because it lacks in most people nowadays. =)

    Hehe.. Anyway, just adding my two cents worth to this. And about your friends, yep, agree with emiko, lynn, nono n patt. The readers always have a choice. If they think it’s cheesy, and cheesy is not their cup of tea, then they have an option to not read. Why read, then complain?


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