Free Feed Reader – Which one is your choice?

I am an avid blog reader, so extreme that I can’t sit still for an hour without checking new postings. Lucky that my internet connection is terribly slow that allow me to have time to sleep. Up until a while ago I still was using a traditional way to check blogs which was checking each and every blog for new updates. Those days were dreadfully tiring, tedious, and tormenting. I discovered Feed feature on all blogs and news on the net. My time was outstandingly saved a lot… I mean really a lot. So I decided to share some of Feed Readers that I tried. They are all free.

Beforehand, I was using Rootly as my default feed reader until recently Rootly start to show the sign of “tire”. It stops updating properly. Then I began to look for alternative.

  1. Rivergate RSS Reader
  2. RSS Reader
  3. RSS Bandit
  4. Sharp Reader
  5. Awasu
  6. Omea
  7. Feed Reader

1. Rivergate RSS Reader

The interface was so simple and shockingly in my eyes… ugly indeed. There were dozens of undeletable useless sponsors feed. It really did irritate me so much. Relatively this reader has a small footprint with only around 2 Mb installer. I couldn’t import or export OPML file which further irritate me. Plus it tried to execute some suspicious script in the background. I certainly regret ever tried this. (This is a truly negative comment, sorry, I disclaim for any damage I am about to made.)

2. RSS Reader

This reader was very simple indeed. It was equipped with neat and reasonable useful button on the right place. But…(blame my internet connection) I cannot connect through my proxy connection and started giving error while trying to read updates. Again relatively small installer around 1.5 Mb.

3. RSS Bandit

The Cute Splash

The Subscription Wizard

The actual pretty face

First impression, cute splash. So many options available, maybe too many indeed. This reader absolutely reminded me of MS Office Outlook, they look very similar in interface arrangements. I just don’t know why, I couldn’t import OPML file, nothing appeared when I did the importing. Maybe this was just another pretty face again…

4. Sharp Reader

Write about pretty face, this reader was no pretty face but not ugly either. Merely fast and simple. I don’t even need to install it because I just need to run it. But still I don’t like it because it didn’t offer feed sorting example by date or by source. Pity because it almost catch my attention.

5. Awasu

The definition of pretty face

Want to know the definition of pretty face? This is it. Awasu. In the very beginning…let there be greeting…Awasu greeted me with “Konbanwa” popup.
But as I played around the popups irritate me. Lots of functionality I mean really lots of them which I don’t care to discover because I just want to read feeds. It provides plugins capability for those who like to bloat something which already fat (6 Mb installer). Most of all I cannot setup my proxy setting, so ironic, with all the functionality it can’t even setup a basic proxy setting.

6. Omea

As we go on I am moving toward my favorite Reader. This reader is almost my “cup of tea”, my type and apple of my eyes. Very complete indeed. Subscription was easy. Not much I can say but it was simple and neat. The installer was around near 6 Mb.

7. Feed Reader

Have you ever heard that “people see only what they want to see”? I might be extremely bias throughout my comment because from the beginning I decided to like this reader. Easy to use, relatively fast, smaller (4.5 Mb installer), offer me sorting, sound notification, and above all I like when it didn’t even need any “weird” button to offer full functionality.

Those are all my complaints and praise for today. If you have any other suggestion you might suggest especially web based reader. I liked to review web based reader like Bloglines and Google Reader and Rootly which I once use but they definitely need a stable internet connection which I don’t have the luxury.

As the conclusion, all of the above readers are worth a try accept for the first 2 which I felt regret for even ever heard of the names. Sorry if I’m harsh.

Next, free time plus lightness of bones (ringan tulang) I might review Malaysia’s hostings and domain name sales. But FYI reviewing took so much of my time. This article took about 2 days to finish. So my bones and skeleton must be as light as feather (Haha).


5 responses to “Free Feed Reader – Which one is your choice?

  • MissiRina

    hi elvin.. =) referring to those dreadfully tiring, tedious, and tormenting days, hehe, yep, been there, done that. never knew that there’s a lot of rss readers out there.. currently I’m using google reader. hehe.. might change in the future though. nice to know i have quite a variety to choose from.


    anyway, thanks yea for your comment. really appreciate it.

  • Lynnwei

    wow…never knew got such a thing exisited! cool!!!

    how do i get them? need to download the programme ka?

    ^^ thank u!

  • Bengbeng

    I read the post I am no threat. I loved it but couldn’t comment there. Hope u don’t mind I have added u on my msn. Have a nice weekend

  • elvinado

    I like the installed version over web based (like Rootly and Google Reader) because it will download the RSS and I can view them offline. Yes I need to download the installer but they are for Windows only (unless you’re using Mac or Linux).

    Bengbeng ~ I’ve added your MSN but my YM disconnected. So sad. I don’t know whether it is added or not. About “I am no threat” it nothing just random rambling.

  • leaemy

    ur blog is really interesting 🙂

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