100th Post Milestone

This is my 100th post on my blog since the first post on my old Blogger Blog. It was about 8 month ago which was also my birthday.I’ve wrote almost all significant event since then.

  1. Final Year Presentation (April 11, April 12-1, April 12-2),
  2. Reason I did not sleep(so special for me),
  3. Last days in UTM as a Degree student (April 23,24,25,26,29),
  4. Fun Trip to Bukit berlumut,
  5. NREB Memories (my industrial training),
  6. Kolej TDTHB Mini Reunion 2007
  7. Being Chased Away,
  8. My promise to Myself,
  9. Conversation with my Aunt,
  10. Cute Vector Art
  11. And this post which mark 100th post I wrote.

I admit writing a blog is easier said than done. I have tried countless of time to write continuously but always failed until I use my very own name to be the blog address (alvinalexander.wordpress.com). I felt responsible to take care my blog as if taking care of my own name. I am glad I create this blog. FYI I have very little number of readers for my blog. Until now they are only 2000 views on my blog which is less than a person a day in average. But I keep writing because I want to keep track of what I am thinking at some specific time.

Generally I can feel improvement in myself while writing this blog. I begin with just writing what I felt and thought but, now I start to care every words that I type because I know sooner or later someone maybe reading my post. So I took a little effort to check my grammar and spelling as I wrote so that my language don’t sound ridiculous and weird. Although they still sound ridiculous and weird plus offensive and sometime confusing.

I am looking forward for the next milestone which is Days Without Miracle‘s first year anniversary. Congratulation to “A Life Less Ordinary” which reach its 1st year 2 days ago. But his visitor already reach almost 61 000 while I am still struggle to make it to 3000 visitor.

If you are reading this I am really thankful and touched because it’s because of you that I am still writing. I hope we will be friend in the net and in the real world. For now I will keep writing as long as my fingers able to tap the keyboard and my mind still straight to think.

“Nothing I can promise but only words and only words that I can offer”



6 responses to “100th Post Milestone

  • cibol

    keep it up. Rome wasn’t built on a day. Same goes to Kennysia or jeffooi. 😉 and that 61k u mention is an effort of 4 years blogging to reach that in a year. I do visit your blog. Keep it up. Everyone has different ideas on what to write and how their blog should operate and do it in your own time.

    by the way, I might need help to move to my new domain. Was wondering if you could help me with that since you now better about all this and you used to have your own domain also. Add me to your YM or msn :


  • elvinado

    I wish I could build Rome but maybe I just dream to build empayar Majapahit. If I have some free time I will post on web hosting. I’ll add you to my YM if my internet connection allow me to do so.Thanks

  • alvin

    i also visit ur blog regularly, so keep the nice work! dun take it as stress, but enjoy the blogging… Empayar Majapahit also not bad mah… hehe

  • lestermichael

    hahahah I’m way too younger than..well I’m 2006 batch..I havent even started my bachelor’s degree..

  • elvinado

    Thanks. A blog a day will keep the doctor away. Oops wrong. A blog a day will keep the readers nearby I guess.

  • maika

    nice blog u have… keep it up man..

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