Does Pain Make us Stronger?

This was the question I asked myself about more than a month ago. During that time I don’t really feel like living. This the posting on that day – The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?”. To my amazement I found out people always search for this question in Google. Almost everyday people around the world start “asking” Google this question. So this miscellaneous posting unexpectedly on top of Google search.


This question was not only on my mind alone but lots of people are turning their attention to the internet to search for this fundamental question.

So I would love to ask it again now. The air is much different now, I am living fine right now happy with my research and eating well everyday. So much different from how I am about a month ago.

The question in itself is almost oxymoron. Enough with that, I put it this way, there is for some reason people call someone who is really “strong” mentally and emotionally “a heart of steel”. After watching few documentaries I inspired by the notion the steel which is made from a mixture of metals will become extremely hard and sometime flexible after a series of brutal heat treatment. It gets into high temperature and then cool down and then into higher temperature and then cool down again. This repetitive merciless treatment that yield a highest quality of steel. Resulted form the altered molecular arrangement in the deepest smallest core of the steel. Then the steel turn into a super versatile matter that can be turned into the smallest needles of a lonely grandma to the biggest oil platform of the raging North Sea.

Basically the elements are heat and cold conceptually to be pain, the metal mixture which can be our collection of experience, knowledge, common sense, view of other, which are basically what we are made of. The changing of temperatures signifies the swaying of our surrounding that almost sometime unbearable. Sometime abrupt sometime gently roast us to meltage. But…above all we need to choose what kind of steel ware do we want to become. A Katana (Japanese Sword)? Sharp, beautiful, artful, invincible, and a deadly weapon. Or… a simple elastic spring that pulling, pushing, tugging unendingly helping other to reform a shape. Or… a household spoon that hold someone’s foods. Or… an assault rifle than kills thousands in war.

To be a good person or to be a “bad” person both will undergo a pain “treatment” throughout the life. Hitler did not became Hitler without pain. Someone’s pain might be someone’s grace. Even in heat and in cold, in light and in dark, in laughter and in tears, in pain and in happiness, still, someone can become both good and evil. Either we are brittle enough to break or flexible enough to bend. For what ever it is in the end, oblivion, death and time will always come to take us home.

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