Blog Editor(s) of My Choice – It’s Free

These few days I just can’t stop thinking. Should I use blog editor? Moreover I am curious what do a blog editor looks like. So I start Googling the net using keyword Blog Editor. Of course the utmost important criteria of consideration is, it must be free of charge. I stumble upon several free offline blog editor such as Zoundry, w.bloggar, Qumana, and BlogDesk. I was a hard decision…nope, they were fairly similar in capability but clearly different by interface. So I immediately like what easy to my eyes.

So the first candidate, “Taking your blog to the next level” : Zoundry


It is WYSIWYG and the interface just complete and neat. I like it at the first glance. The setup was easy and it did automatically configure the upload server.

Secondly, who claimed “The best interface between you and your blog” : w.bloggar


The interface is fairly simplistic with complete tools but as I play with it, guess it does not support WYSIWYG. Probably top on my list but I am too lazy to do codings.

Third candidate, “the tools for blogger” : Qumana


Apparently Qumana may boast with its cute colourful buttons. It look pretty and matching. I like it. The toolbar is fairly complete, clear and nicely arranged. Easy to use even grandma can use it.

Forth and the last, the humble star : BlogDesk


BlogDesk try to adhere with the simplicity and complete functionality. The interface is intuitive and well arrange. Another easy to use WYSIWYG editor loaded with useful functionalities.

In comparison with my WordPress editor…


Conclusion, I ended using Zoundry for a simple reason. I just like the interface better than the others. Personal preference. However I may change anytime I want. BTW, I installed all of them on my laptop.

My screen full of all the editor.

All in one screen3.jpg

Am I helping you making your choice? If not just choose all of them. Try them all. Generally they are small files, can be downloaded in short time.

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12 responses to “Blog Editor(s) of My Choice – It’s Free

  • NoktahHitam

    which one would you recommend?

    Zoundry looks neat though 😉

  • NoktahHitam

    im using Zoundry now. Very good software. Can blog offline and publish it once I find a connection. Good Stuff.

  • Lynnwei

    what is a blog editor? isit something that u use to write ur post wihtout log into wordpress??
    never knew there is such a thing…

    erm…my feed?

    thank u for reading my blog..i hope u drop by more often! kekekeke


  • alvin

    nice work man, i may start trying some of it soon…

  • MissiRina

    hey, thanks for visiting my blog.. you’re patt’s friend right? =) nice to meet you.. of course we can be friends.. =)

    ~ i’ve added your blog to my links..

  • elvinado

    I can’t say which I recommend because I like them all. Each one of the have interesting feature. BlogDesk have a brilliant photo management which I start to like it.

  • Patt

    cool tips alvin!
    love it, since internet connection sucks in my campus at the mo. might be a big help for me.

  • MissiRina

    haha.. never used one before.. might start to do so, me thinks.. same prob with patt, connection at fac is unstable lo.. always end up with a headache when tried to post something and coz of d connection problems, it’s lost. ugh.

    very informative post. thanks!

  • cibol

    cool. this is really helping man. thanks for the post

  • alvin

    i already tried Zoundry and BlogDesk. there were some errors when installing the blogdesk (i m using wordpress 2.3.1), then i felt lazy to figure out wat’s wrong, so i ended-up with using the zoundry. not bad, but perhaps next version/update will hv more functions on ‘picture inserting’ (the default thumbnail size is too small, and i dunno where to change, and i found tat it automatically generate a thumb image for me, which i dun like), other than tat, it works fine!

  • elvinado

    alvin ~ Me to ended using zoundry. I also kinda hate its behavior generate thumb image. I suggest a new one call scribeFire which is firefox extention is also nice.

  • Lynnwei

    honestly i am stil a bit blur abt this…erm…..but really thanks to you…i know an extra thing!! shall look into these! ^^

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