SimCity Societies – First Look

I played the game. It was already the third day. I was exited to have it installed on my laptop. Surprisingly I played it flawlessly on my laptop which it claimed to not support the graphic, Intel GMA. At least not until the city gets bigger and bigger. BTW,I played it at the lowest graphic available.

The first impression proved to be disappointing. It supposed to be better than SimCity 4 but obviously it was completely a different game. I can’t help saying that this game was made not based from the predecessor. The initial montage video was impressive though but the unending flaw begins when the main menu appear. It looked childish per se. A downgraded version of previous SimCity. The main menu control was simple though, easy to navigate because not much to click.

Complain 1 : The game interface

When the game started I was shocked when I saw the ugly game engine interface. Why don’t they just use the old one?. A lot more intuitive. The navigation was confusing and “Un”intuitive at all. They arrange the buildings in a confusing way. The arrangements were by City type and societies. They were also arrange according to function which appear to be unclear and indistinguishable. Thanks to the lack of information when we put the mouse over the icons. It will show some weird looking symbols to explain the already weird looking icons.But the irritation ends when I get used to the interface.

Complain 2 : Camera View

The navigation was completely using the mouse click and wheel. The camera view was like what? 400 meters above the ground. It was painful to navigate the City in such close view. The actual beauty of the City lost in the high rise building. I just couldn’t manage to properly plan the city because I couldn’t see the aerial view. Yes they provide the mini map but it was infinitesimal small (blame my 12.1 inch monitor). Not helping at all.However the zooming in capability was staggeringly brilliant.

Complain 3 : Lost feature from previous SimCity

  1. No big map where we can connect cities. It was so fun to connect between cities that we’ve made.
  2. No God mode tools to do terraforming , the ability to form the lands feature.
  3. No statistic maps that show all the statistis from congestions to fire tendency. They use those “symbols” again to represents the statistics in the viewing which I couldn’t zoom out in the first place.
  4. No perimeter territory for useful building like Fire Department. I need to stupidly asked the fire engine to dispatch to the burning place. Moreover I had this difficulties searching for the Fire Department because of the absurdly near camera view.

Enough with the complaints. The game was actually really not so bad at all.

Praise 1 : Building buildings

No more uncontrollable ugly buildings because I can choose each building I wanted to build. The choice of buildings were just endless. Accordingly to what societies I wanted to form they were all kind of buildings available from the great high rise apartment to the tree house. They were magnificent, beautiful with the superb details at hand.

Praise 2 : Societies

This the the chance to learn the behavior of each society. From Authoritarian to Romantic to Contemplative they were all have their own characteristics, pros and cons. I have tried many of them and it really depends on how we want to play our games. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Praise 3 : Zooming in

The zooming in was … I just can’t put it into words anymore. It was almost The Sims (The epitome of zooming in). I was just exaggerating. But it was brilliant.

Praise 4 : Distinct Sims

Every Sims has their own personality. Above all, I can observe each of them if I want.

Praise 5 : Buildings control

Maybe this was the most apparent improvement. I was able to control each building with their respective capability. Actually the control was really limited but it was brilliantly made. But I absolutely hate the need to control the police and the fire department.

I should stop. In the nutshell this game is a worth playing game. Endless possibility and I love it because I can play it on my lowly graphic laptop. I guess I know why they need to sacrifice some of the nice things, because they don’t want to make this game too large and too resource hungry. They add so much and toss some. Obviously on the third day I am already get bored of the game. I was just exited to see how the game looks like but this kind of game is not really my cup of tea. Maybe if I touched to play the game again I will take some screen shots. Till then let words describe them.

GTG I’ve got two journal that need to be read and understand…


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