I am no threat

Dark was my room, cold was my night. Rhythm of the wailing rain echoes, as the breeze flowing tenderly in the midst. The smell of the fresh green pierced the windows arousing the bleak.

I own none a thing but just words. I dream no more than a dream. I desire less then a ravaging fire. I mean no harm. I just plead for my own hope, for my own peace.

From the farthest star to the smallest being may my knowledge will be, shall be incomparable to the understanding of living persons. Feelings, relations, speeches, actions, and thoughts are just too wide to grasp and to deep to be plunged. The least I hold is the word “sorry”, my last citadel of pride.


I am here purely a nerd. I mean no threat. Don’t worry I won’t get hold of “your” girl. By the way you don’t own them. I just want to be a friend. I favour no foe or hatred. I just being what people call me everyday “Alvin” which bears a noble meaning – a noble friend.

Among things that I don’t understand, I really don’t understand what lovers feel. I never feel them, at least not for more than 5 minutes. I know how jealous feels but just for the cleverer and much accomplished than me. Even so it’s just and envy.

There has been numerous time people start giving me a “gentle reminder” or warning. I guess I am a bit insensitive. Even start to fight “because” of me. Actually I am fully conscious of what I had done but I never mean the consequences.

Maybe this world has already festered so much with lies and hatred that people cannot be more trusting. Loyalty is not the language of the lay anymore. Paranoia and fear have undone all the pronounced love. Knowledge of the world might be my play but human person is just unpredictable.

Here and now I might sound self contempt but I am not. I just know myself. Maybe it’s a minute amount but a lot better than anybody. What do you expect how I feel when I suddenly answered my phone and hear a curse and profanity or reading a series of contempt messages? I have my pride and my ego. I am merely me with no threat.

If so much so you yearning for threat I shall give one but just not now. My time isn’t yet to come. A snake might be a silence creature, slithering in the midst; looks simple, dumb and harmless. To touch it not, to bother it not because in the blink of eye it shall kill. Now that’s a threat. For now I am just a hatchling curious of the world around me. Until my eyes are unclouded from all the smog of common sense and lies, I stay no threat.


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