Most Anticipated Game – Sim City Society

logo_sm.pngI always loved Sim City. Recently EA gave birth to its new successor which is I guess it’s a brilliant one. Sim City Society. I have not tried the game but I will surely try it later. I have watch quite a few previews from its official website and I definitely love them.

What I love about Sim City was the feeling of having almost ultimate power to control the whole city. But with limited amount of resources of course. The new game is even better with a lot of new control such as to build specific building which was not available in Sim City 4. This is particularly cool because we can shape how we want our city looks like. Unlike its predecessor that allow us just to choose type of land instead of what specific building to build.

I guess there will also be a greater control over what of society that we want our city filled with. The money management is also a bit different because its narrow down the focus of control to each individual building which is again totally cool. I just can’t help imagining what the game looks like and how I am going to play it even I have never play it.

The graphic in my opinion is greatly improved for a Sim City game. That will be the greatest barrier for me to play it on my laptop. It’s not gonna despair me though. I have been waiting so long for this next Sim City to come out.

However I don’t expect the game will be on the shelf soon enough. Maybe I need to wait for quite sometime. By the way, there is no such thing as “original” in this area. Everything is being simply “freely distributed”. I feel a bit sorry for the developer. But they made lots in other country that sell original copy a lot cheaper. The original copy here is just insanely expensive. Who would buy.

Definitely this is among lots of other great names like Need for Speed Series is my personal most anticipated…start searching for the download in net!


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