Season of Light

dewankp1mini.jpgIt’s the Season of Light. New Banner means new season. Why do you think the banner is apparently dark in the Season of Light?(Obviously rhetoric question, and beware of philosophical and imaginary thought beyond this line)


Light is special when it’s dark. Light at the end of the tunnel for instance. How can a person see and “feel” light when everything alight?(Again rhetoric question)

Colorful bulbs only show their beauty in the night. During the day, the house looks better without it.(No one light up them during the day)

See the phrase “Days Without Miracle” faded behind the phrase “Season of Light”? They carry symbolical meaning. My days are not so much without Miracle these days. Does not mean they are full of miracle but at least filled with Light.

Another fact about the picture in the banner…the picture was taken from afar. So…it looks kind of dark but actually it is not really dark when it’s near. Fyi this is the view from the corridor of my room during night.

Lastly the least noticeable but most importantly. The ornamental bluish line surrounding the banner. Again it carry symbolical meaning. It symbolizes my view or in other words how I see things (at least how I hope I see things). When inside my “view”, dark don’t necessarily means dark but can be translated into beautiful thought. Even in the darkest night, there will always be light. If not from the outside it’s from the “inside”. How we see things that matters. Just stop adhere to common view but start develop new and fresh idea. BTW Imagination is better than knowledge…

Weird isn’t it? Simple banner can carry quite some meanings.

I guess when we spend most of our time in silence, we can hear the slightest voice of our subconscious try to talk to us. But…when we always do the talking, our subconscious start to shy away and instead of living to the full, we just live by our small visible floating consciousness (from the analogy of the floating ice).

Thanks you for those who like to read my blog especially for those who love to share their views and comments with me. Just knowing you are there give me motivation to continue writing as my days go by. For your convenience, try to use news reader such as Google Reader, Bloglines, or the one that I use Rootly to subscribe to my RSS or any other blog RSS. It will help your day. 🙂


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