Happy Student

There are some reasons that I really love being a student. One of them is, I own my own freedom. I have almost unlimited liberty to choose what I wanted to do every morning I open my eyes. No string attach. No commitments and nothing can stop me from doing what I like and what not. As far as I still get hold of myself, I won’t do something beyond the border of sanity. I have choice to be good or to be bad. Of course I go for the white side of the “Force”. As long as I lead for the right “path” I will find the “Master”.(I don’t want to be a dark Sith)

Besides trying to eat different food every meal, I always make sure that my days are not routine and repetitious. I have this strong desire to make a slight or dramatic change everyday. For instance I never sleep or had my meal at the same time everyday. I just don’t dare to tarnish my colorful day with some plain mundane activities. Its my liberty, my least power to control my own time. By the way, time is relative. I can’t remember when was my last two consecutive days with a similar activities in it. (Anybody know any possible medical consequences?)


The monitor screen seems blurry for sometime. My heart was kind of beating faster. I guess it was the immediate effect of coffee I drank earlier. Its a very rare occasion for me having coffee unless I yearn for it. Besides I need to at least finish some part of my work so I can show them to my mentor in the morning. Along with a few yawn and heavy eyes, I smelled strong caffeinic breath in my mouth. A glass of water might do I thought.

Footsteps were getting frequent outside. I went to washroom every now and then. I love to wear my Santa’s Hat to hold my hair. People stared at me I don’t know, maybe it is cute.

The hours gone faster than I hope. The black sky began to turn bluish. The work was finish at some point. I jump on the bed hoping to savor a short sleep.

Every little detail of sound behind the yellow door seems so clear to me. Voices and footsteps conjured me to stay awake. My cover and pillow weren’t helping at all. I was extremely sleepy and tired but my body just too active to rest.

Knock…knock…Oh my. I get up and opened the door. My neighbor came to watch some movie using my Laptop. I tried to continue my attempt to sleep. Obviously things just get worse. I ended watching the movie.

The sun was getting higher as I was getting edgier. I bathed and went to my mentor office. Planned for a surprise visit just to know that he wasn’t in his office. I usually ask before I go. I sat on the bench beside the building felling a little disappointed. Indeed I was weary from the walking and the sleepless.

No time is worthy of waste. I turn on my Laptop and link up to the wi-fi. Approved several blog’s comment and read emails. Then the battery was running low. I began my walking back to faculty. By grace and luck my driving friend caught me walking alone. We went launch.

This was no ordinary lunch. Free lunch was given by the newly opened cafeteria, ergo “there is such thing as free lunch”.

I parted with my friends and went to my lab where I ended typing here right now.

So? What’s with this random rambling? Just to show that how possible that I will have my day very different everyday. I just don’t really do specific plan for my days but just general missions that need to be accomplished before the date change and the hours gone.


7 responses to “Happy Student

  • eMiKo

    herm…but..isnt going to class the same thing you do everyday? no offence.. hehe.. thanx for dropping by…

  • elvinado

    Nope there are similar but not the same. Seriously from today on I will not need to attend class anymore even though I am still a student. He he. Thanks to you to.

  • fila

    Being a student is the best..But I really want to feel the environment of working too.
    I have one friend who wish that he can be a student forever.
    He even told her mom his wish..
    Can u imagine her mother dropped jaw..
    haha..She must be thinking who’s gonna sponsor him for the whole life. 🙂

  • cibol

    This year is gone but it had also made us a little strong.
    The path was long but we walked it with a song
    There were fears and tears but we also had some reasons for cheers
    Wishing you and your family a blessed new year



  • elvinado

    Fila ~ I am one of your friend that want to be a student forever. But doesn’t mean I need to be sponsored forever. Just bit of freedom and inquisitiveness for a person in academic world is for me enough to make me a student forever. The disire to learn and a mind of an innocent little child that wanted to discover this big world. BTW happy new year.

  • elvinado

    Cibol ~ Thank you very much. I don’t have Idea to reply the Pantun. BTW Happy New Year to you to.

  • Lynnwei

    being a student is cool…not much responsiblity? aha…well, less responsiblity than being a working adult…

    well, for me, every part of our life there is different responsiblity to carry….

    just got to face them with a positive mind!

    blessed new year!

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