A New Chapter – Life as a student, Again?

Basically today is the end of the Forth Age of my life. Which is life in University as a Degree Student. It suppose to it end long time ago but the Age due until today because it is hard to leave the comfort of the Age.

The beginning of Age 5 – Again as a University student. Same University same place same faculty and same specialty. The different? No long boring lecture anymore and I can do whatever I want anytime and anywhere I like. But freedom without virtue and control can kill me. As what it did to me during these past years. So I must make resolutions…

In the year to come I must…

  • Revive my dying faith
  • Finish my dissertation in one year
  • Be someone “important” in my circle

Those are 3 most important things for me during this year to come. There are also some lesser things that I wish to accomplish such as:

  • Continue to be actively update this blog
  • Create a tech blog
  • Learn a programming language
  • Be a skillful Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop user (Certified if possible)
  • Start writing my own Fiction novel (Just to start is hard enough)
  • New Hand phone (My 6600 has gone too old)
  • Find as many friends as possible
  • Find a Girlfriend (among those friends)
  • Lessen my geekiness or “otaku”ness (although I’m not)
  • Lastly, read a lots lots lots of books, articles, fictions, magazines, and whatever I can pick (To live as a Wise man)

The list seems unending but only 3 means most in my life. If it is a fiction, the three will be my main theme and my story revolve around the three.


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