My Current Interest

Just a few days more for me to be officially registered again as a tormented soul of UTM students. Now as a Master Student. Its a little bit different from entering during Degree program as last time, mainly because unlike during Degree’s we were uncertain that we will be accepted or not but this time we know we get it when we hand in the application form. So no suprise.

During my buffer period here waiting for the registration day, I am a proper alien in UTM with no ID. I am an outsider that comfortably using UTM’s facility. As I write I am using UTM’s internet connection. Also Library service.

Exactly…both internet and library have mold my interest for these few days. Also I found friends in the process. The interesting part I found an Iranian who share a really similar interest with me. And that where it start…not really.

I will put this into a short story…

“Oh no, not again!!”, I sighed as I realized it was raining again that afternoon. All my plan shattered. The only means for me to move was to walk. As it was raining so I couldn’t walk to my Lecturer’s office which was quite a long walk. So change in plan I reenter the library. I was inside before to read a newspaper or two waiting for the lunch break to over before I suppose to move.

I went to the computer to search for some books. Immediately cross to my mind word “quantum”,”relativity”, and “gravity”. It was not a real new topic of interest for me but now I decided to find useful book about it.

The shelves was neat untouched. Letter by letter and number by number I search for the specific library book codes. It was almost 3 full shelves full of books regarding Quantum. Then I turn around another shelves with scattered word of relativity. This was truly a heaven of knowledge. I can’t wait to open those books.

I prioritized thin books with distinctively less mathematical equation. Thick books need time and mathematical equation just made my eyes watery. I don’t favor them. I found one. About a finger thick. No equations and the presentation was mostly historical and story telling like. Easy for someone who have no idea of quantum.

I read the book up to the 3rd chapter when I ended walking again around the shelves looking for other books.

“Hi, do you study physics?”, a stranger out of nowhere suddenly asked me. I was stunned a while I thinking of some proper English sentences to reply the stranger.

“Oh, no, I am just interested in quantum physics, reading just for fun” I replied in a lowered voice, it was library by the way. I made a small talk to avoid a pure academic conversation. I found out he was Iranian, Master student in Department of Mathematic and above all also like quantum physics, relativity and topic related.

Oops my story getting longer and longer. Should I stop? Just a little bit more.

“Let me show you some very good books” He means books about quantum physics. Book that contain basic knowledge. He actually really helped me. Although initially I was just reading for fun I suddenly found some reason to really get into the subject. I cant wait to have my own ID card. The first thing borrow books. Yeah the greatest privilege of a student. The library.

Quantum, Relativity, Gravity… So what?!!!

I downloaded a few videos from stage6. About these subject. Einstein and whatsoever. They were like initiators. I can’t stop thinking about them. Words like quantum and relativity, big bang and black hole, unifying theory and theory of everything just continue to resound in my ears till this moment. Getting interesting by a second. Some of them I never heard of and even unacceptable in classical science and physics. Such as free energy, zero point energy, mobius curve, and m-theory.

The beauty begins from the earliest of history. Names as old as Archimedes and Plato, also some more prominent name of out time like Newton, Tesla, Faraday, Plank, Bohr, Einstein. Hawking and some other countless names. Their story of life, sometimes faced persecution by the community of the time like Galileo, their sacrifice, sometime full of deceit and betrayal, drama and love. They within and unrelated mission to search for the governing theory unintentionally created a great stories of their own to be written in the history.

The selflessness of those great people inspire and motivate me to join the mission to find the ultimate answer. To fill the empty gap of truth. Its like searching for God through science. Age of reason above blind faith. That’s why it is so interesting. These topics are not merely science or physics but much more beyond.

The origin of the universe?

Is there the end of the universe?

Do God play dice?

What is matter?

What is there before big bang?

Even from the mere physics it comes into the intervention of politics and corruption. Power and exploitation. It is something. Schools and college do not teach us this. This is something that we need to find for ourself in a completely open and unbiased mind. They are times when logic and common sense do not apply.

These are Videos you should watch…

  1. Reality on the Rocks 1
  2. Reality on the Rocks 2
  3. Reality on the Rocks 3

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