The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?”

Few weeks ago or maybe last month I was so depressed. The forth Stage of Grief which consist of DABDA (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). So I sit at the couch alone thinking about weird stuff. To make things worse I was I guess having food poisoning causing a bad fever. I just stayed at home with just a few pills of Paracetamol.

Suddenly I thought of this crazy ‘question’ to myself but I can’t figure out any good answer. So I started to SMS this ‘question’ to a few friends which I expect to reply.

The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?” Then What I’ve got were…:

  • Apa la kau tok. Soalan kau ya aku xpat mok jwb.Mayb juak. Sbb lepas all the pain, kau tau gne mok hadapi nya. Xpat x pk, tapi boh pk glak. Ada banyak gik benda lain yang lebih penting untuk kau pk.
  • Depends. If you are a positive person, pain is just a challenge that colours our life. Be Like an egg, Soft inside when it’s cold, but become hard inside when it’s hot. This mean when it comes to pain, you will become stronger than usual
  • The negative side, a person will start to hate himself and his ife and worst to the worst kill himself as if he can escape from this world thus all the pain. But then again, your next destination is the judgment day, How are you to answer to God?
  • ??Huh? What Do you mean?
  • It depends on how a certain person thinks. It can make you stronger and make you weaker. It’s all depends on you yourself
  • It depends… what kind of pain, how do person takes it et cetera. In a way it can make you stronger
  • What type of pain then?
  • Think of it again. Yes. Pain does make us stronger. No matter what’s the situation.Why are you asking? Are you alright?
  • We are not human if there is no pain in life
  • Macam susah jak soalan ko ya… Susah mok madah la.. Dari segi psikologi it does make us stronger. but dari segi Fizikal i’m not sure
  • Maybe…It depends on how you take it…Works both ways...
  • Well, life is about expecting the unexpected. X taula gnei mauk jawab ko. No 1 can tell. You know better thanI do.. What kind of pain anyway?
  • Depends kat orang tu…tapi bagi aku it makes me stronger, aku inget semue kesakitan yang aku pernah hadapi, tapi selame ni aku susah nak cite kat orang simpan dalam hati je… kekadang rase macam nak meletup.

Most of them give the similar answer although in different language. They always start with the word “depends”. Not many were bravely proclaim in the confident tone except the person than send the last answer. He really said it in his perspective according to what he has ever experience.

But for me none of them really answer the question. I just don’t know why. Maybe the question itself is not a question in the first place. Required no answer but just a rhetoric question. A question that trigger our mind of thinking further. But most of all we never care to think this kind of philosophical phrases.

What I observed was from the SMSes replies, I can possibly guess what condition and state of mind of the person. Whether they are happy or sad or maybe just plainly dull.

If it is me to answer the question right now. I will say…

Pain is just an illusion. We just feel what we want to feel. Same goes we just see what we want to see. When we perceive pain, we start to ignore all the beauty all in our surrounding. We become blind. The ability to see pain as a kind of blessing rather that just a blessing in disguise will make us a stronger person. In the other hand, to see pain as a curse will lead to the 5 steps of depression as I mention earlier. I personally defy the blessing in disguise concept because we gambling of what we are not sure of. Gamble of hope. We might win or we might lose the game. But if pain itself is a winning condition we are betting on a sure win game. But again I myself never bet on the winning game but always gambling my hope to “blessing in disguise” bookmaker.


You may answer or you may just think…

5 responses to “The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?”

  • amer

    Pain makes you stronger, the true nature of pain is a kind of blessing. There are people that faces pain, and there are other kind of people who TRULLY faces pain. Those who faced pain and got angry or depress or become pessimistic or even kill themselves are the kind of people that avoids pain. When you avoids pain, you avoids Growth. As our life grows harder and harder as we get old, if our mind are not practiced to that kind of level, that’s when we broke from the life’s norm, true nature of human nature, and the reality which in result produces negative consequences.

    true nature of human is doing challenge, we get bored as our challege become easier and easier to do, we search for harder challenge. You see, life is a game. What happen when you placed in that ps2 games and the monitor just reads “congratulation you beat the game” you’d be asking yourself “What? where is the challenge?” and you see pain is the challenge, and pain is fun. it’s just that i don’t know where you got your perception of pain (as negative, hurtful, dangerous, or etc) you must’ve got it mixed up with placing your finger on top of a fire.

  • amer

    pain that exceeds the person’s previous pain without the person itself experiencing that supposedly happening pain (how could that happen? well the person actually avoided it (the previous pain)) will result in negativity.

    so the answer could both right? pain either makes us stranger or stronger..right? NO

    WE make pain makes us stronger or
    WE make pain makes us stranger.

    so … does PAIN makes us stronger?

    the answer is Yes, that’s what i believe.

  • Morgan

    This is really great insight. Thanks to the author for writing this.. It really helped me through tonight!

  • Harvy

    Pain does makes you stronger cause i am facing my pain right now and yes i am feeling stonger inside me

  • ME

    pain makes us stronger. it’s like a muscle, you hurt it, let it heal, then it’s stronger than b4

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