Constant Vigilance – ‘coz you’ll never really know…

So this the latest Header I made about two days ago. Inspired from Alastor Mad-eye Moody a charactor form Harry Potter’s Novels. But I just added a bit of my original which is ” ‘coz you’ll never really know…”.

Harry Potter

This few days I was really deeply absorb into the Harry Potter Story. Started with Continuous series from the first series The Philosopher’s Stone until the latest The Order of The Phoenix. Then I can’t wait till the next series made into movie so I started to read The book- The Half Blood Prince which I finished reading 2 days ago. Currently I am finishing the last Book- The Deathly Hallow. It’s not much left to finish the book. I just can’t wait. I was reading failing to let myself stop. I almost forgot the real world. The adventure was indeed so real that I feel I am entering with Harry into the magical world. I started to find the meaning of all the spell, charm, jinx and curses in the story. The author was amazing by writing such a great story with relatively simple and easy to understand English. I was also really easy to imagine because there are enough picture of the magical world collected from the live-action movies from previous series.

Constant Vigilance

So why is it Constant Vigilance? Why does In such a days without Miracle I need to be in constant Vigilance?

At any moment laughter can turn into tears, happiness into pain, idleness into turmoil and so on. Because we will never know what next. What we can do is to be ready of any attack. We will be stay firm standing on our feet. It is almost poetic. Simple yet meaningful phrase. It’s like a silent war. Similar to what happen in the Harry’s world in the last novel-The Deathly Hallows.


This is the previous Header for my blog. It was actually a picture of my neckties and trousers hanged behind the door.Obvious isn’t it. But At the moment I have no better picture to be edited so I produced this semi-abstract header.

Indeed few new things in my blog such as the “Listen” section where the player play slow and relax song ease to the ears.


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