Chased Away…

How does it feel to be chased away?

How does it feel to be a refugee in our own country?

Alienated in our own family…

I realized that living is not simply breathing, eating, and walking around freely. It is more beyond imagination.

It’s look like there will not be any new photo entry…not much of new post for another few days weeks or maybe years. Damn it…Right at the moment I am simply taking my refuge in one of my friends house. Suddenly (not too sudden actually) I am being chased away. Actually I am freeloading in their room for too long. They don’t like it… So it is like what written ” It is better to take refuge in God than to trust in man”. Then I end up without a place to sleep. I felt miserable of course but there is always the sun behind the cloud. Maybe a blessing in disguise. Or just a vain positive thinking… No sacrifice no victory, no pain no gain.

So luckily (stupidly lucky) that I am not alone. I got a friend with me. At least I can share the burden. I as usual feel suicidal. Thus we are going to look for a shelter outside the campus. I care not the price but what most important is that I have the place to put my head to sleep. Sometimes I felt lucky to experience such a hardship because it is not what everybody around me can feel. Hardship that can teach me the truly meaning of life. What is important and what is not.

At least up until now I have no money problem. I always keep the money flowing tight for the rainy season as it is now. How it is important to save money not to waste them.

I hope and pray I will manage to get a place to live as soon as possible. I will move immediately without hesitation. I love to move long time ago but this sort of urgency push me with extraordinary fuel.

In the end, when I feel sad there is only one true friend of mine that keep me sane all the time. The one friend that can always accept when I am on the brink of forgetting him. The true friend that resides in me. The brother that listen unendingly attentive to my voice of the heart.

Siapa namanya…?

Namanya Yesus Namanya Yesus

Nama Yesus yang menghibur hatiku.

Namanya Yesus Namanya Yesus

Nama Yesus yang menghibur hatiku.


Ada satu Sobatku yang setia

Tak pernah Dia tinggalkan diriku

Di waktu aku susah waktu ku sendirian

Dia selalu menemani hidupku


O Lord Jesus show me Your grace in my darkest hour. Amen


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