Lots of unrecorded events happen…

It is already August 30… the last post was about 3 weeks ago. I really miss to blog.

Lots of events happens.

My Convocation was on the 21st August. How was it? It was Unmemorable event with relatively lack of taking pictures, everybody suddenly seems to busy with their own business. Not much of thing to be remembered. After the ceremony suddenly everybody disappear with their family. No group photo, no mortar board throwing. It sux i might say. The ceremony itself took hours I could not remember clearly. In other words it was just a mere ceremony with nothing special. I am disappointed – extremely. What a ‘once in a lifetime event’…

Now I am a Research Assistant. Research about E-learning. I still don’t have a clear idea but anything about computer will fascinate me. Payment I still don’t know but. As long as I am doing what I like I will just do it.

Still staying at my friends room. It will be a good 3 month of squatting in the hostel. I hate the fact but I don’t know what to do.

What else happen? I feel like I am having fuzzy memory. I could not really remember what else happen. But oooo… I remembered….

My Friend got accident. Zulkifli the same Zulkifli in the blogroll was involved in a self accident near the Kolej 12 if im not mistaken. We were there when he just got out from the Pusat Kesihatan UTM. Seeing him there the first time made my vision become blurry. I was shock! His forehead and lips was literally torn (I don’t know is it a right word to use). He seems to be really in pain. His right hand was bandaged fully.

It was already late at that time. We were from Jusco when we went to fetch Zul at the Pusat Kesihatan. All of his stuff he brought was left at the K12 office. We tried to obtain his stuff but due to all the stupid bureaucracy we didn’t manage to get it. Then plan B. We could not open his room because the key was along with the other stuff. So we try to get the spare key from the fellow. Then we got it.

During the night I was thinking of accompanying him in his room but after some ‘things’ that his other friends done. He was sent to the hospital. I personally don’t think he needs to be sent to the hospital because even though he looks terrible but he still can walk. Means that he still can do thing on his own. To our surprise his room mate was coming back to the room when we though that his room mate was already back home. Later I heard that he returned to his room in campus in the morning. I wonder why.

GTG i need to continue my works.

Note: I wish I could later add the pictures of those events


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