I’m in the Library…PSZ. Still thinking of words to be wrote.

It has been a few days I am living without any purpose here in UTM. Staying at my friends room. The room has already occupied by 3 persons before me. With me added it is four persons. Luckily the room have enough space even for 5 person although it is design for 2 persons.

Sleeping is kind of pain. Because I don’t have pillow. I use my clothes as replacement.

Just now in on 12 o’clock I was interviewed by Shell for employment. It was via phone. I don’t really want to be reminded of it again.

I am planning to find for lecturer who needs research students. I have with me the list of lecturer to be contacted. I will try. All the sudden I don’t feel like I will manage to proceed to the next Shell Interview.

There are quite a numbers of lecturer according to rumours around the faculty needed student either to become Research Assistant or Research Student. I also found out there are post for Teaching Assistant.

Some other trustable source told that Nippon Oil offer a vacancy. I am going now to give it a shot.

Hope I will be able to update constantly this blog in this few days. Till then…bye bye.


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