Emptiness fill the emptiness

Tonight will be my last night in Miri. Tomorrow I will be on my plane to JB again. What for? Just playing around.

At first I can’t wait to return to UTM though I have no business there anymore besides my Convocation on the 21st of August. But right now I feel sad to leave Miri. It is not like I am going to JB for good but I just feel something heavy pulling me down. I not sure why. I am seriously boring staying in Miri but right now I don’t feel right.

Tonight I planned to not sleep to value my every final seconds in Miri. Maybe I surf internet till bored. Watch TV till the break of the dawn. Or what so ever.

We were out for the last meeting just now in pizza hut Bintang Plaza. There were 6 of us. I am kinda happy for a while. Realizing that I still have some friends. Friends to at least laugh together if not for tears companion.

I don’t know whether I will stay in JB or return to Miri immediately after the Convocation. I might stay if I do further study. I might return if I have anything to do back in Miri. I am uncertain at this point of time.

What I know when I leave tomorrow afternoon, I will leave behind the brilliant internet connection, my brother’s big house, and my extreme idle at home. Even if I return to Miri things will surely nothing similar to what I imagine. Things might change dramatically (I use the word MIGHT means probably).

Some part of me I don’t want to return to Miri, I want to work or study or do what ever possible other than at my own home town. I have a bit of experience staying alone in Kuching for a while, it was I admit hard and pressuring but it was somewhat exiting. I was free like a bird. But at that time I am still loudly financially support by my parents. Things will be a lot different if I am completely independent.

So…after this posting I don’t think I will get to check my blog everyday anymore. I will miss you dear blog. The days may be without miracle again. Bye.


One response to “Emptiness fill the emptiness

  • cibol

    your new banner .. the gal in the far right, looks like that chic in Sin City+Too Fast Too Furious .. suki or yuki whatever the name is .. cute dude. Got a number? Ha ha ha

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