Red Ivy – Imiginative Poisonous Plant

My Recent Heading Title Red Ivy.

I made this header long before. I Planned to make it for which don’t exist anymore. I miss the site much but a spam tragedy struck me. It also written there that it is a poisonous beauty. But actually the plant is just look like bushes. It is poisonous though.

However I never actually see this plant in real life. I mean the real green not the imagination green one.

But I have been poisoned by it figuratively speaking. I don’t know ’till when I will feel the pain and recover completely.

I wish one day to plant this ornamental plant in my garden. Serve as ornament as well as protection. Shall I? I don’t know whether this God’s being can survive in Malaysia weather or not.

Sayonara Ivy. Aishiteru.


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