J & K Drama Collection

I have been a quite zealous Japanese and Korean Dramas for quite sometimes now. Up to the moment I own 36 dedicated DVDs to only the Japanese and Korean Dramas. The list is as follows :

  1. Gokusen (J)
  2. Gokusen 2 (1-8)(J)
  3. Gokusen 2 (9-10)(J) + Hana Yori Dango (J) (1-5)
  4. Hana Yori Dango (J) (6-9) + Full House (K) (1-4)
  5. Full House (K) (5-16)
  6. Pride (J) (1-6)
  7. Pride (J) (7-8) + Sweet 18 (K) (1-4)
  8. Sweet 18 (K) (5-18)
  9. Sweet 18 (K) (11-16)
  10. All In (K) (1-6)
  11. All In (K) (7-12)
  12. All In (K) (13-18)
  13. All In (K) (19-24)
  14. My Girl (K) (1-6)
  15. My Girl (K) (7-12)
  16. My Girl (K) (13-16) +Stairway to Heaven (K) (1-5)
  17. Stairway to Heaven (K) (6-17)
  18. Stairway to Heaven (K) (Not Yet Being Burn on DVD)
  19. I’m Sorry I Love You (K) (1-6)
  20. I’m Sorry I Love You (K) (7-12)
  21. I’m Sorry I Love You (K) (13-16)
  22. Choon Hyang (K) (1-6)
  23. Choon Hyang (K) (7-12)
  24. Choon Hyang (K) (13-17)
  25. Goong (K) (1-6)
  26. Goong (K) (7-12)
  27. Goong (K) (13-18)
  28. Goong (K) (19-24)
  29. Hotelier (K) (1-10)
  30. Hotelier (K) (10-20)
  31. A Love To Kill (K) (1-6)
  32. A Love To Kill (K) (7-12)
  33. A Love To Kill (K) (Still Searching)
  34. 1 Litter of Tears (J)
  35. Battle Royale (J Movie)
  36. Korosagi (J)


Japanese Drama : 6

Korean Drama : 11

Japanese Movie : 1

My Most Favorite : Full House (I Indeed Love them All)

Most Funny : My Girl

Most Tearful : 1 Litter of Tears

Most Ruthless : Battle Royale

Can’t Help to Laugh : Choon Hyang, Gokusen, Sweet 18, Hana Yori Dango and Goong

Can Hardly Even Smile : All In, I’m Sorry I Love You, A Love to Kill

Between Smiling and Crying : Pride, Hotelier, Kurosagi


I am at one point was really addicted to these dramas. They really affect my moods and personality at a certain time. Most of the story will make me come into deep thinking. They are mostly at least have some sad and touching part of the story that really touched me. Sometime I felt lost a bit in the real world when I am being to absorbed into the stories. The ability of the stories to make us as if we are one of the character has further shape my way of thinking. In a way they are good thing from the dramas but mostly the dramas just making us wasting our time. Making us miserable. Making us sad. But of course also making us happy and fun.

Just to share a little, until now I can’t watch again Full House I don’t know why. Even listen to the Sound Tracks will make me gloom. Indeed it was not a sad story but the story line was just making me feel some unexplainable feeling. An unsettling feeling. Even every time I listen to the sound track specifically “Un Myung” It will remind me of a person I know. The weird thing about the person is she is just a friend to me and I never have any more than that. But of course she was once really close to me.

I am still collecting but when we are out of University the momentum will lost to the air, the resource will be scarce and hardly found. So I will solely rely on the Internet.


3 responses to “J & K Drama Collection

  • cibol

    dude .. I have some recommendations, well for korean dramas la since I’m a big fan

    1. I really really like you / jin jja jin jja joa hae

    2. Save The Last Dance For Me / Majimak Chomneun Nawahamkkae

    I love these two ..

  • Alvin

    I have never heard the first one but I’ve watched the latter. Sweet Eugene … 🙂

  • cibol

    the first one, also acted by eugene. The male played by I forgot the name but a new actor la plus Ryujin. It was recently realeased, not really .. but have been in the market for about a few months or so

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