(We) are always Alone

(source of numbers : CIA – The World Factbook)

Ironically the word we means the plural of individual but we are always alone. We can never say I or Me because there are lots others with us around us in this Island called Earth. But…we are always alone.

On this 510.072 million sq.km of earth surface, we share 148.94 million sq.km of land with more than 6.6 billion other similar creature like us called Human. We are not lonely…for every 1014 guys they will be paired with 1000 girls. Out of 6.6 billion friends we have only 8 out of 10 can read.

However we are divided. Divided by 265 political nations all over the world. Divided by our different religion, race, color, languages and all other cosmetics like schools, family, hobby, time, space, ideology and wealth. Ultimately each individual differ by our unique DNA profile.

In the end we are always alone in this world even if every time we turn around we will see human.Yes we are alone but whether we feel lonely or not…that’s the different.

Interesting Links about world statistics :

  1. CIA – The World Factbook
  2. Worldometers – real tome world statistics
  3. GeoHive – global statistics
  4. NationMaster – World Statistics, Country Comparisons

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