Chemistry, chemists and their chemistry

Just now I was trying to find out about a (maybe) new technology of alternative energy called Quantum Dot. It is made of Olive oil and that all that I know. I was just curious about the subject. At first I can’t remember the name Quantum Dot so I search at Google “olive oil solar” so there is a good list of related sites. I clicked one of the and found . I was amazed that there is in the net people who really love chemistry that they blog about chemistry. I was once wanted to do a blog about chemistry but the day never come.

When I read those blog I am astonished by the interesting way they “say” the chemistry. They say them in a very interesting way. I love them all when I first read them. After a quite some entries I read I found that they really understand Chemistry even they are just bachelor Degree in Chemistry. Different from what I found myself as a Chemistry Degree holder which still found Chemistry weird and hardly understandable. I admire the chemistry bloggers. I wish I could be one of the chemistry blogger one day.


I found these blogs interesting indeed really interesting… Generally all of them related to science if not directly about chemistry

  1. The Chem Blog
  2. Chemportal
  3. Occam’s Blog
  4. Chemical Quantum Images
  5. Molecule of the Day
  6. ChemBark

Then that’s all. I really sure If any of you love chemistry surely you will love these sites. Maybe even if you don’t love chemistry you might later.

Falalala lala la la la


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