It has been a while…yo


I am reminiscing. After living in a box for about 2 and a 1/2 month now I am out. Living in a proper house. I’m now at my brothers house. Day after day waiting for the time to pass. As usual, when I’m at home I will be boring and helpless pathetic with nothing to do.


Currently looking for jobs. I have applied 3 place. First Curtin University then UPM Bintulu and lastly my beloved UTM Skudai. In addition I would like to apply at an institute in Kuching. So I still looking for any place… surely I would like to become a lecturer.


While I was in Kuching there were lots of untold stories. Lots of sweet memories in a very short period of time. I’ve made friends and acquaintances. Nice people and lovely faces. Some of the key words are NREB, Matang Wildlife, Pizza Hut, Transformers and more other things that we do together. I really don’t expect it will be something that fun and memorable experience. Maybe later I will post the videos that we’ve made.


Again this early august I will return to UTM to do several important things such as sending all my abandoned stuff back to Miri for good. Looking for possible position as tutor or research assistant. And most importantly to play. Of course I am still young and deserve to play a lot.


For this introductory post after such a long time, this are all for now. Thank you.


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