Shopping, Driving and …

I shopped few things today.

  1. Trousers
  2. Belt
  3. underwear
  4. socks

It was a lot easier to shop in Miri compare to Kuching. At least Miri has Boulevard and Bintang Plaza. I have window shopped a lot in kuching and I found out it was really hard to find things.

First because the arrangement in kuching is terrible. They are messy and crowded. Plus lots of eye-irritating-looking-teenagerS all around the place. I just felt unsafe.

But still, i manage to shop also few thing days ago in kuching.

  1. Nike Cap
  2. Neck Tie

I felt a bit disappointed today, I haven’t met Her yet. She said she was still busy with her report. I was waiting all day just to wait her to at least sms me. Thus I try to distract myself with the shopping, the driving, and I also call Kerul to do shopping with me. Actually shopping is not really not my stuff because I hate choosing thing. There are just too many choices. I got distracted a bit until I reach home at about 10.30 pm. Until then she still said that she was busy.

I wish to see Her tomorrow.


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