Gawai in Coffee beans and tea leaf

Yea. I am right now waiting for my flight to Miri in Kuching International airport. The flight is 1230 and I need to board at 12.

So where am I precisely now? I am at the furtherest table of coffee beans and tea leaf. Drinking my hot cappuccino. This is my gawai celeb. I didn’t celebrate coz I am not a dayak. I will be boarding gate seven. This is my first time to depart from kuching airport since its renovation. I lost a bit just now. And a girl with a same dilemma with me ask me where she should check-in her air asia ticket. Then I thought she ask the MAS counter but then I just say I don’t know. Suddenly a nice Pakcik help her.

Later suddenly an Indonesian ask me to take him photo using his digital eos (maybe). The camera was superb. I wish I have that camera. Although it was complicated but I really like it. Then of course he took my pic using mine.

Then I saw Coffee beans advert. It said free wifi. so what do I waiting for. I need to sacrifice some RMs to enjoy nice coffee and nice internet connection. And now I am here. Thats all. Yeah I can’t wait to back in Miri. I really miss Her… I want to see Her…


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