Running away

This morning I woke up with a dream. A really tiring dream. I felt like I was running chasing something. More precisely someone. In my dream this person was running away from me. This person then hide somewhere. But in the dream setting there were rivers and hill. This person hiked the hill and cross the river just to run away from me. I was keep following this person until to the end of my dream I met this person. This person then was with someone I didn’t know. I want to meet this person but this person just going with the someone without granting any glance of me. It was like this person really avoiding me at all. Then I felt really disappointed and then my phone’s alarm clock rang. It was tiring I don’t know why.

Then also happen this morning…

When I went to the but stop this morning to wait for the bus, it was already droplets of rains falling. I did not care to return to my room to bring any of my raining weapons such as umbrella. I just keep walking with confident. In the bus the rain started to get heavy and heavier. Oh no… I start belittling my self for not taking the umbrella. Then interesting thing happen. While the rain fall heavily I remembered a story in the Bible when Jesus and his disciples went in the boat and the storm came. His disciples started to get really worry and waking up Jesus. Then He said something like ‘hey you people lack of faith, this little problem pun you want me to do ka?’ (I’m not mocking Ok, I cant remember the words). Then He ask the storm to stop. The storm stop. Return to my story… I pray that God will give me shelter just for a while so that I can walk dryly to the office when I get off the bus. Miraculously a few hundred meters from my stopping point the rain completely stop. Not even a drop of water from the sky. I was so worried because I can’t imagine I’m being wet going into the office. Thank God He listen to my simple prayer. (Note for skeptics:It sounds coincident but the different was I PRAY. That makes the difference.)


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