To be different

I have been thinking about this lately. A colleague of mine told me that if and only if she has choices, than absolutely she will choose the easy choice. Unlike me she said that always like to choose the hard way.

She was right in some way. She added that she will only do hard way if and only if there are worth return. Actually I think that she referred the returns that come immediately. Of course most of us would like to reap what we sow as soon as possible.

In my point of view I am the way around. I also want to reap what I sow but I realize sowing plants need sacrifice of time and energy. There is a must to toil. Even though I never a farmer before but I think that it is philosophically something like that.

When I do something the hard way people around me might see me as a fool and they love to pity me. I don’t care if they pity me because I need their help but I do not really accept it if they see me as a fool. But still I do not care because we don’t hold the same principle in life. Moreover I am the one who hold my own life not the other.


To think about my “short shallow” 21 years of living I always been taken away from my friend and circle whenever I started to be comfortable in the circle. I am always taken into the different environment. Luckily the different environments were not too abrupt for me to adapt. I never get used to changes until this day. I still trying my best.



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