I am fine…

Everyday I am fine… Eating well. Not skipping any meal. Hoping by the end of my industrial training I will gain weight. And look better during my Convocation. I am too light at about only 43 kg only. Eventhough I am short I am still underweight. It’s not tired to work at NREB because most of the time we don’t really have any work to do. But the peoples are really nice and willing to teach what ever. For this week from last tuesday till this friday. I am attached at the water quality and laboratory unit of NREB. So today what we did was analysing the sample in the lab. The only parameter that we analysed was BOD5 COD and TSS. It was fun since I never do any labwork already for a year. My hand was shaking because labwork is something delicate I might say. I wish to upload the pictures but just not yet. Maybe later I will. Tomorrow we are going to do sampling of river water near serian. I already forgot the river’s name. I can’t wait to go. Ok that is all for now……


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