Interesting Miss Tang…

What should I say?
It is 7 right now and I am still in my room thinking of what am I going to do tonight. What should I eat and which Internet Café should I go to upload this post.
I still could not find any internet connection that I can connect to my laptop and for now I maybe just go to any Internet Café nearby to online.
Today was a great day I learn so many stuff that I cannot remember all of them… Miss Tang our temporary Boss told so many stories and she so many experiences. She is a really full of experience person so knowledgeable and nice person. Though our task was basically boring and repetitious, we still having a good time together. We were doing our stuff at Custom Office in Senari Port. We had a really long and meaning chat with Miss Tang while we were waiting for the Custom officers finish their meeting because in fact we need to use the meeting room. As the 4th day training I am really having a good time at the office. Then everything returns to boring state when working hours finished. I want to have a walk but I am too lazy to walk alone. I hate walk alone because it made me feel lonelier especially when I see all people around me have their companion. But I need to because I want to dine and online to upload this posting. I think that is all for now because my head is to tired, bored, lazy, and et cetara to think more.
(this computer today is better than the other day. The price is still the same RM 2.5 per hour but the computer is much better and the environment is much convinient for me to type.)

This is me this morning…


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