After Living in Heaven

I stayed for 2 nights at Hilton Kuching (it was like heaven) from 1 may to second. Then I stayed, is staying and will be staying in my little room in the Satok area in Kuching. I wish I am using my own laptop, I could not post the picture because I am in Cyber Cafe in Wisma Satok. I am too lazy to transfer the pictures. What I can say about the room is it is small about 2 meters times 3 meters if I am not exegrating(is it right spelling?). God Damn this computer it is so slow that even it lag while typing. This computer use Win Me. I can imagine this OS is still exist in this time. Afterall I am too pampered by latest technology. Right now I am living in a little box maybe for about 2 and a half month. I just went back from Mass just now asking for blessing from the Lord. I cried silently in the church because I was after quite a long time I did not go to church. The Final days still in the process but I don’t think I am able to complete it because I am too lazy to blog in Public Cyber Cafe.

How About My Industrial Training?

My Industrial training went well to now. Just I am having big problem regarding the transportation. On the first day I tried to find my way home by walking. I planned to go to the Sarawak River and cross using boat but I never find the way. I went back by taxi which cost RM15. The next day I went to work via bus in the morning and later I plead my trainee mate to fetch me back to Satok. For next week I still do not know but I know God will make a way for me as always.

Ok for now. Now I need see all my problems as challanges. So that I may become more mature in action and in thinking. I hope so.


3 responses to “After Living in Heaven

  • hanim

    window me??wujud lg ke??huhuuu…

    how’s LI?best ke azab??^__^huhuuu…..

  • cibol

    that’s life in kuching dude, no transport it will be one hell of a stay for u .. I just came back from kuching by the way

  • Alvin

    Windows Me wujud lagi giler giler teruknyer “bandaraya” nih…

    For now I am menumpang my friend everyday and I got lot of potential friend untuk ditumpang. Hehe. Lucky…

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