Yesterday, adrenaline rush!

(The Final Days series is still delay because I need time to edit the pictures and time to settle down properly to write them. But I am uncertain about how I am going to get connected to the internet for this few months. Right now I am in Hilton Hotel room with my family.)

This is what Happen Yesterday!

God bless, God Bless. I was just in the full rush of adrenaline so nervous. My brain could not think properly as my body felt tired and sleepy. I felt helpless for a while until I know God is with me all the time.

Right now I am in Air Asia AK5702 Senai to Kuching. I almost left by the flight. Oh… right now the time is around 6.40 – 6.55 a.m. I am not really sure because I turned off my handphone.

Just now I got excess baggage, excess weight more than 10 kg. I was suppose to be charge RM120. I only got RM40 in my pocket. Oh no! I tried several time to withdraw my money from Meps machine Hong Leong and Maybank using my CIMB card but miserably failed.

(Damn, a guy beside me is talking in his hand phone inside aircraft, jerk)

Continue… Then I borrowed from Has, a girl that with me in the Taxi on the way airport from UTM. Found out that she is my junior in MRSM. She only have RM10. I don’t expect RM50 to be enough because just looking at my baggages I knew there are so much excess.

I ask the counter how much for every Kg excess. RM 12 per kg a God damn price. I put my bag and box on the weigh and the LCD show more than 15kg the Air Asia limit. Around 26kg. I don’t know what to do. Running here and there looking for working ATM but I am miserably pathetic right now.

Think Alvin Think I said to myself…

My last resort, I want to borrow money from Abang Den the Taxi driver who fetched me ( Nonsense Idea). I called him with such a pathetic voice. I spit out my problem then he suggest I left the excess with him. Okay, Nice suggestion even though I really want to bring along the box with me but I am leaved with no choice.

Feeling a bit calm I went to the counter to check in. I just put my 13kg bag into the cargo. Yeah now I got no excess weigth.

Then I wait for Abang Den. Every minute seems thousand years. He came and I pass the box. Settle.

Last challenge I need to face, the security officer. Nothing happen I got through gracefully. 3 hand luggage.

(Damn air turbulence, the aircraft is shaking)

The seat belt light just being turn off. I am in the plane. Thank God for his blessing and grace. I felt lucky that never a dot in my mind to give up. I just keep going on and on. Until in the end I am right now in the plane. Of course now I need to consider how I will take my box back from Abang Den.

It’s funny that I actually wrote this story on a vomit bag I found in the seat pocket. Just to make sure I write freshly because I still remember it clearly vividly what happen before I forget them a few hours later.

For now, just forget everything I still got an hour and 15 minutes or less to reach Kuching…


One response to “Yesterday, adrenaline rush!

  • hanim

    huh….naseb baek uncle taxi tu nak tolong kan??haila…camnela belh x prepare duet siap2 nih…

    by the way….akhirnya selamat gak kan?*wink*

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