Scientific, Politics

21 Years old

I just reached 21 a few weeks ago. Now peek into the “outside” world outside the university shallow circle. Still zillion of things to learn and to observe. What pull my attention was how the politics is being run and being used. More over now I have the right to cast my vote (but I do not register yet).

Few years ago I learned in class that politic exist where there is power. Means politic exist anywhere not merely narrowed down only to the national level political party. Even when I was in school I am so fascinated by mini-politics in our school (MRSM Kuching). Now the situation has change where I am not a little boy anymore. I have the right to think and the ability to fathom the current issues. Such as what really hot for a few day ago, Ijok election. I followed the news (a bit) about Ijok just out of curiosity.


What really interest me about Ijok was how intense and barbaric people are. People (some of them are leaders) doing what school children do. They acted as if there were war. Lots of UFO (Unexpected flying objects) being thrown by ‘them’. I do not care about the political party because that is not interesting for me. Sometime or most of the time election is just like WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), the result has been planned and remain unchanged. Sound like I don’t believe in democracy…maybe…Before believing in something I must study about it first. Actually I don’t really understand democracy because maybe I am raised in a country where democracy is just election not more than that. As a university student I need more answer because we asked more questions than others.

Less of politic but more on my opinions and viewpoints

I read in the papers and ask my friends, most of them do not put any interest in the country politics. These peoples are brilliant people with really good brain but they decide to abandon the so called democracy (at least for the time being). Most of young people including myself see politics as something ‘dirty’. But in the old time my teacher said to me, ” If it is dirty, you as a new generation must step in to change it”. Change? Sounds impossible but there are things that done by evolution not revolution, change for a long period of time. Either the the evolution is getting dirtier or cleaner, we as young people decide it.

Then when a group of highly intellectual people don’t want to involve in this so called ‘dirty’ work, who will be? Just as a reminder I am quite a lesser among my colleague. Maybe people of lesser put more interest in this ‘dirty’ work.

In scientific community thing work differently from political community, way different. Scientific community work by fact and number, exact and empiric. Scientists (some) do not lie because they do something for the sake of humanity not for themselves. I guess so. What I want to say is these kind of peoples should be leading but these peoples are likely to run away. Yes of course, scientific world is much more fascinating than political world, that is why it is called scientific. Maybe not until politics is also scientific.

Cause and effect

When I was younger I learn from science that cause come first and then effect. When I a bit older I add one terminology, symptom. Every ‘modern’ science works this way as far as my experience (I believe in miracles). When we do something another something will come later. The “hantar surat hari ini semalam sampai” (mail today yesterday reach) will never happen as far as I’m concerned. Enough with the spin, when the young people become so carefree what happen to the country? When the lesser intelligent leads the intelligent, what will happen?

I just see corruption, dirtiness, and all problem faced by our country as symptoms rather than a cause. If some of us watch “House” an American TV Series about medical, there is something sounds like this, “healing the symptom does not solve the problem, we need to find the cause and solve it.” Our country is sick really sick, so many symptoms surface. What made a person’s body? Cells. What made a country? Peoples. The cause is the peoples.

Symptom : Young people become care less about country

Possible cause : Too limited and controlled freedom given to the students (the intellects)

Possible effect : The ‘lesser intelligent’ become our leaders.

P/s: Yeah then we got what we deserve. Hello scientist (echo) you will get less Money for you research because these people use the money for stupid and useless purposes.


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