April 26 2007

Ok, this was 2 days ago.

I slept a bit much than usual because I hate Polymer Chemistry and I really did not know what to study anymore. But I woke up early in the morning to do last minute revision. I asked Rizal to send me to the Faculty building really early. So I can concentrate more. I got really nervous because I have got least confidence in the subject. But I know I just need to brave through. Mou sukoshi… A little bit more…

So I say a little prayer and enter the exam hall with a smile. Sit and answer the question. We started late at about 9:15 am because a little problem on the printing. Some pages went missing. So I sit in the hall for 2 hours before I really gave up. I went out early. Ok forget about polymer Chemistry. I hope it will not bug me anymore.

Lets start the Happy part of the day. The next 12 hours sure adventurous for us all. Lots of memories started for the next 2 days. Ok.

(note: First few picture was mostly my face…just wait a bit and there are picture of the “Journey to Rumah Rizal”)

The plan was erm… I am not sure either. But the important thing was we were out together. So I don’t really care what was the plan. But I was something like going to Rumah Rizal and then going to Air terjun where ever it is.

Ok, the journey Rumah Rizal went well until the last junction Asoi (Asrul Farish) motorbike broken. He couldn’t start the engine. The problem was similar to Airi’s last time. The three of us Zul, Nik and me went to Rizal house first before others because the others went to the workshop to “help”. I don’t really understand. I don’t know what they did and what was the purpose. So three of us waiting like abandoned duckling without a mother. But we eat earlier and my headache due to hungry subsided.

Ok to make short the story later all of us gathered at Rizal’s house and eat. Then we made our move to the “so called” air terjun somewhere in Gunung Lambak. We took quite sometime on our rides to reach the Gunung Lambak. Ok it was a water theme park like. I don’t know what to call that. Then we walked on the jungle trekking path. It was strenuous as we need to hike upward. Three of us out of ten give up. Nik, Norhisham and Hasrizam. There was one of us that has so much complain in his mouth even though he did not give up. He was and still is codenamed “Dewa” by some of us. (Some = Airi, me, and Rizal). Then All of us “sepakat” gave up when we reach the “mata air”. The water stream was already so small. The conclusion was “there is no Air terjun” (Air terjun = Water fall). Actually we asked several jogger there and they said there is Air terjun. Ok, but we never found the mysterious and hidden air terjun.

I went don’t the hill faster than other just for fun. Behind me the group behind me planned a new plan, contingency plan, Overnight at Rizal’s house. Ok we follow the plan although I hesitate because I need to do my thesis but even if I am at my room more probably I just write blog rather that do my thesis.

It took another backbreaking journey before reaching Rumah Rizal. I took bath and diner and before I realize it, I already woke up the next morning. Hehe to be continue… April 27 2007 another adventurous story.


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