On the April 24 = Final Exam For QC

This is a picture collection on the very day. Just as a memory that we did test together. Actually I don’t have Idea to write because I am still struggling to revise for Process exam this morning at 9 am. So this is dedicated to my clique…

Sometimes miracle happen when we least expect it. At least I did the test with confident because most of the Questions I can answer even they were not correct. We did so many funny mnemonic such as PATEMSHAR and Korek Itu Lubang Sangat Suka (KILSS) and what not. I was glad. But I need to continue my battle the next 6 days before everything literally end.(Literally?…)

Ganmbatte. God Bless You Alvin. Because Jesus Always with You And loving you even in the darkest hour, minute, second.


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