The Eighth Day Before I am leaving…

The 8th day before I am leaving ‘on the jet plane’. Just commemorate who I saw and who I meet. These are my friends that with me through out the year. As I’m counting the days I felt they become more important day by day second by second.

This is Zul. His room is on the fifth floor of this block.

This is Shah. My neighbor.

This is Rizal. We were buying our dinner. Nasi Putih Ayam Kunyit. He is also my neighbor.

This is Fazly. Live in front of my room.

Nasi Putih Ayam kunyit from Mak Long Cafe.

This is Asrul. My Roommate.

Jabir, one of the most controversial person on the block. He is Rizal’s Roommate.

Me Myself. Alvin Alexander.

Airi. In his house in Kolej Perdana.

Airi, face uncovered.

Norhisyam, our biotechnologist. Came just now. Stay in different building from us all.

Suddenly We were talking about…

Makin Cari Gaduh Aku Dapat Satu Duit – Mnemonic for Sol-Gel Process.

Mixing, Casting, Gelation, Aging, “Lupa”, “Lupa”, Densification.


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