Few Days to Come.

There are a saying I don’t really know how to quote it. It sounds like “After a storm there always sun shine through the clouds” and some says that (or I say) “First cyclone hit it will be a total destruction then it will freakishly calm, then it will hit again violently in the different direction”. Why am I talking about storms? It is not that few days ahead storm will occur (as far as the present weather forecast). The days will be as calm as fishless pond. But the story is about what will happen in my life as a whole. Few days that makes my future and carve the memory in my Uni life.

I take my Planner first…

My April Planner

First of all April 24 morning- Final paper for Quality, April 25 morning- Final Paper for Process, April 26 morning- Final Paper for Polymer and final of the final is on April 30 afternoon – Final Paper Material. The very night after Material paper I will leave UTM for airport, I going to Kuching for immediate departure the first flight next morning.

Sounds of course not much. But Ok…I still got the unfinished unedited thesis (project report) that I need to hand in before I leave for Kuching. Three papers in a row…I can’t really imagine how I am going to go through it. My friends (cliques) planned to go for our last parting picnic. They said it will be somewhere near Rizal’s home. Then I need to pack up all my stuff. I need to mail them back home. I need money and time and most of all transportation.

Thinking of parting so sudden without time margin like what I will do later hurt me so much deep in me. I really want to enjoy a little a little piece of my Uni life. Since I was KTDTHB to MRSM to UTM I was parted in this way. So sudden. But I always have a different path than other. Maybe God has a different plan for me He made me special. Moreover about my Final exams that really disturb me. If I do not do well (fail), possibility is high for me to return as a so called “senior”. Nobody wants that of course. I will try the best that I could even though it will cost me my life. (Cheh)

For the time beings I will study and pray to God. I don’t know God will still answer my prayer or not because I have not attend any religious activities for soooo long and not attending mass. Doing sins everyday. I hope there is still hope for me at least the courage to brave out through this few days. I hope the DAYS will Be WITHIN the Miracle.

Me Myself


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