Nothing get better

Why is it nothing get better everyday. I love to write something beside whining but nothing gets better. I hate everything I see I hear I do. I need to do my marketing assignment. I am tired and lazy. I don’t want do do it but nobody else hold my life beside myself. Everything is on me and it is heavy. I can’t imagine how to live a better life. It is heard damn. Marketing mix, I hate it. I need to do all the thinking and I do it in the very last minute. I need to hand in the assignment tomorrow. AAAA what should I do. Nobody are going to help me. Only me and myself who holds my self. I hate the fact. I love the theory of group work but I hate the fact. Damn. I want to laugh I want to be happy but loads of works and thinks to do made me rather sad and down all the time damn. Still life must go on. I got exams to go and thesis. Everything I must do in a very short of time. These thing really demotivate me from continuing doing Master degree. I hope I can make it through this degree first. I still don’t know what will happen. Everything seems so heavy. I need to go on. O Lord Jesus Christ I know you listen to me. HELP ME!!!


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