What have I learn all my life?

When people ask question I cannot answer any of them.
When people ask very basic question, I just make them wait and try to find the answer.
Actually I don’t know the answer.
When I want to say “I don’t know” I am afraid I will hurt them.
I really felt like a jerk.
What have I learn all my life?
Going to school, college, university…
Not knowing to answer basic question…
Damn it.
I hate to be forgetful. I always forget what I have learn.
I am so jealous to my friends that answer questions. Because I cannot.
I can’t imagine how am I going to continue my life if I kept hiding behind my seniority.
It is a privilege becoming junior because you can ask and other will answer.
A senior is someone that can rely on, can answer questions, knowledgeable, useful.
I am not that kind of guy.
I just a person who lost the purpose.
Just a person that keep going because I cannot turn back.
Just a person that give up easily but until now never give up.
A fool that has nothing to do…


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