My New XP Desktop

I got lots of things to do but still I felt boring. I like to do what I like to do. Here is one of them. I am not really tend to change my desktop theme because usually I need to use shell software like style xp and so on. I just believe these kind of software waste my memory.
In this little project I did not use any shell software but do a little hacks I learn from some websites that I already forgetten where.The theme is clearly Vista theme. The Firefox also using Vista theme. Just that I can’t find out the way to achieve glass effect in vista which I don’t know whether it is possible. On the left I use Rainlendar 2 with the skin “Rewind with Digital Clock”. The most interesting part is the dock on the bottom of the desktop. It was RocketDock.
I got my wallpaper from a video and picture hosting site, Sevenload. They shared many good photo and photography.
I am adapting to my new desktop. A bit awkward a bit but right now I am getting used to it.
Ooo I just remembered, both xp taskbar on the top and RocketDock at the bottom were auto hide. It was just for display purposes that I unhidden it.


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