Thinking about Friendship…

How to get friends and do not lose them?

  1. Be courteous
  2. Looked Happy
  3. Listen
  4. Be useful
  5. Be clever
  6. Be Intelligent
  7. Remember


  1. Be rude… sure our so-called friend say bad things behind us. They still say even we are so courteous.
  2. Be sad… everybody has their own problem, they don’t have time for our whining.
  3. Ignore… our friends will ignore us back.
  4. Be useless…then what is the purpose of having a person that being a burden to others.
  5. Again… people don’t like foolish people.
  6. Stupid people don’t answer question and also don’t question. People tend to leave this kind of people in their own world.
  7. Forgetfulness is fatal.

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