Failed to login and Whatever…

I have been trying to log since yesterday but failed. I dont know what is wrong but I just failed to log even I tried it trillions time. Damn. Actually I already forgot what I wanted to write yesterday. I did not sleep just now. Still awake. I am not sleepy at all even though my back ache a bit. As if I am studying but indeed I am just surfing all night long.

This blog is still in the secret stage whereby I do not inform anybody about this blog yet. Maybe soon I surely tell them when I got something interesting inside. But right not the posts were all my whining unendingly.

I started my Utopia account. I don’t know how long will I last this time. Same as this blog. (every time I write blog I end suddenly without reason). And by the principle of never give up I always started again. Actually I wanna play Utopia because want to join Airi.

Ok I remember now… yesterday Asoi, Nik, Zul, Isye and me went to Cafe K9 to have our supper. We waited for quite sometime before we got our meal, burger. We got our burgers not until near 2 o’clock. Then we went straight back. Rizal was not at the hostel because he went back home for few days. Or maybe he return today I heard so.

Today I planned to do my laundry. The start the marketing assignment. It is 20 percent man big fraction of marks. Damn it I need to rely on myself. I don’t really hope those two to be with me doing the assignment.

Ok Chiao…


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