Every time I do expectation, I will be disappointed. How stupid am I expecting I will become the one of the best presenter when I already giving up in one of the stage. Surely I did the presentation so well but that was not the matter. The things of concern was the flesh of the presentation. The gist was useless and lack in all corner. Looking at those who won I felt a bit jealous because I saw theirs but I can say that my presentation was better. But I didn’t show my feeling. However people still know that I felt that way. Sometimes I just felt that some people just destine to fall and fail. Then they are destine to rise again. Maybe better or maybe not. End about that…

Ivy, the one that I always think of. She did not even care my birthday. I know I am also kind of forgetful and of course she also maybe kind of forgetful. Still I feel sad in a way. I really wish she would say at least Happy Belated Birthday. I am still waiting. I deliberately miss called her. She still did not realize or she just purposely do that. Another expectation that just to be disappointed. I cannot say that I love her anymore because as time pass the feeling also gone bit by bit. But I never hate her.

I wonder why, seems like nothing working as planned. I really wanted to count the blessing in my days but I always ended counting the curses. I don’t like it.


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